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Resource editor with ResEdit template support.


Features of ResFool:

Template Based Editing
Use one of the 100 included templates to edit existing resource types. If those aren't enough for you, you can construct your own using 94 template types, or use one made by other people in the active Macintosh developer community. The possibilities for editing binary data in a semantically enriched environment are endless. With support for nested lists, skip fields, arbitrarily aligned data, strings, numerics and more, ResFool templates allow for editing a diverse range of data.

Custom Editors
ResFool also comes with several custom editors. There is an editor Apple Event terminologies ('aete'), Pascal string lists ('str#'), styled text ('TEXT' with an optional 'styl') and versions ('vers').

Modern File Types
Edit and Create traditional Mac resource files, or choose to store the resource fork in the data fork of a file (as used by modern Bundles). You can even edit bundles directly, displaying all the individual resources in the bundle, including those stored in individual files or in data-fork based resource files.

Preview a Variety of Media
See your images and icons in the list of resources. Images are not limited to old-style Mac PICTs either. List and full size previews are available for every image type QuickTime understands, including jpeg, png, and gif. See the first Frame of movies stored in resources, or Play them directly in ResFool. Once again, these can be any format QuickTime can handle. Or listen to audio Clips, whether they are System 7 sounds, mp3 or aac.


Fixed some bugs.

ResFoolTech Specs

Free to try
File Size
Operating Systems
Mac OS X
System Requirements
No additional system requirements.

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